Human development starts at conception, and his education as early as his birth. If we are to define education as the process through which a little human being discovers the world, learns and adapts to it, we understand why we say that it starts right from the first moments of life in this world.

Babymat, therefore, contributes to children’s development by offering bespoke products, but also by helping mothers genuinely contribute to the child’s development by being informed through our blog articles.

We strongly believe that the miracle of child development is the most beautiful one we can see and help happen, and that is why we invest so much dedication into the educational blog articles and the sensory blankets we produce. It’s our contribution to the harmonious growth of as many children as possible all over the world.

Inspired by our and our friend’s children, there are a few passionate mothers that have started Babymat. They love handmade things, baby development, and Montessori education.

Take a look over what we do; maybe you’ll feel inspired to order a gift for your baby or a relative, friend or colleague’s baby. The sensory blanket is useful in many circumstances, it’s an educational tool and can represent a lifetime memory for the adult your baby will become.

Sensory blanket | Your child’s favorite toy

The sensory blanket can quickly become your child’s favorite toy, starting with the moment he can lay on his belly (4-12 months). By playing on it for hours, the blanket’s new elements help the child’s muscles and senses development. Babymat sensory blanket includes dozens of colors, features, figures, and fabrics that stimulate the child to play and discover his senses, in the same time helping him become stronger, mobile and explore the world surrounding him.


  • Muscle development: the child will play playing on the blanket on his belly, catching, holding, and exploring the elements. This way his muscles will get stronger;
  • Senses development (vision, hearing, touching): the blanket’s elements are specially created to stimulate the child’s senses, this way he’ll become familiar faster and easier with the environment where he’s in;
  • A better eye to hand coordination: the baby will understand quicker the connection between what he sees and what he manages to touch through stimulated coordination between the eye and his hand;
  • Imagination, memory, and focus development: by exploring the blanket and solving small tasks that some elements entail, the baby will start to develop his creativity in a fun and easy way.

The sensory blanket will be your baby’s playground, where he will play on his belly in prolonged sessions. Recommended by the Montessori teaching school, the sensory blanket is a universe of exploration, discovery, and learning new things for babies. This way, your child will develop his seeing, hearing, and touching senses faster, more comfortable and in a funnier way.

The fabrics are colorful and attractive; the elements are designed to ask for different senses and even require solving a task, like opening a window to discover something new or tying a ribbon.

All the fabrics and materials used are safe for the baby’s delicate skin. We use cotton and organic cotton, wood, felt, ribbons, and many other materials, with the scope of creating a unique exploration setting with many textures, shapes, and colors.

The back of the blanket is made of 100% cotton, using a color that is less sensitive to getting dirty, and the filling is safe for the baby to play on the blanket on the ground. You can use the sensory blanket for the baby to play indoors and outdoors, but also as a cover for the baby when he sleeps.

The sensory blanket is a perfect choice for your baby as well as a gift for a future mother or a baby shower.

Washing instructions: we recommend hand wash only, to avoid ruining some of the elements and toys on the blanket.

Critical advice: supervise the baby at all times when he/she is playing on the sensory blanket. Always check the elements for safety. While this is extremely important for us and we put in extra effort to make sure all the toys are safe to play with, baby’s creativity can surprise us, and therefore we recommend constant supervision during play.

The Sensory Blanket consists of 25 square sections, each section being unique in color, texture, elements included or activity, and we can personalize each blanket with the baby’s name, on top of the 14 play elements included. The main highlights of the blanket are:

  • The “contrast corner,” a section of the blanket recommended to start with. Its purpose is to show simple but powerful contrasts of geometrical forms, for the baby to start exploring.
  • Sound elements: letters that husshh, sound string
  • Hangers on the sides, to be able to attach any of the baby’s preferred toys
  • Tethering toy attached to the side
  • The baby’s name made of letters (some of them will make a sound, some not)
  • Elements of different textures: we use wood, buttons, beads, ribbons, butterflies and a crown
  • Learning elements: a heart with laces and a hidden detail

Size: approximately 1 m x 1 m

Videos with the blankets can be seen on the YouTube Babymat channel, and pictures on the Image gallery.